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El Bosque is located in the municipality of San Fernando, Nueva Segovia. The farm occupies a total area of 112 hectares, with 42 hectares in coffee and the rest wild forest. El Bosque is one of the highest altitude farms in the area, with coffee growing between 1250 to 1560 metres above sea level. Julio Peralta, the farm owner, is committed to making it self-sustainable, with all power coming from solar panels and a water collection tank at the top of the farm which generates hydroelectricity. There are a number of varieties in full production including red and yellow catuai, caturra, Pacamara and Java growing amongst the banana and inga shade trees. The farm has a wet mill with a new penagos eco-pulper where they do much of the processing for washed and honey processed coffees, before it is transported to the dry mill in Ocotal where it is dried on patios, raised beds or raised beds in the parabolic drier. The farm has a very efficient waste water treatment system, which provides clean drinking water for farm employees and for some coffee processing.

Our lot, #2255, is a Natural Processed Caturra, and it’s incredible!!!

SCAA: 87.25

  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Producer: Julio Peralta
  • Harvest: December – March
  • Varietal: Caturra
  • Processing Method: Natural Process (Sundried on cherry skin)
  • Region: San Fernando, Nueva Segovia
  • Elevation: 1295m
  • Roast: Light
  • Brewing Method Suggestions: V-60 Pour Over, Chemex, Plunger (French Press), Aeropress, Espresso

Strawberry Fields is your favorite Beatles song.

The Region

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125g, 250g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Espresso, Filter, French Press, Stove Top, Aeropress, Pour Over, Vacuum Pot, Chemex