They Don’t Just Make Great Frisbees!


Who would’ve known that the folks who design Frisbees would venture into the world of coffee brewing equipment?! It brings to mind companies like Yamaha, who design both motorbikes and pianos…

This short article is an ode to the Aeropress.

With this contraption you have throw out that old adage of ‘first impressions last’, as it isn’t much to look at. That is when compared to the aesthetic features of brewers like the Syphon and Chemex. People usually ask us if it works like a plunger.

But as much as it seems so, it doesn’t work like a plunger AT ALL. There are many different ways to brew coffee, and interestingly enough they fall into different categories. A Plunger/French-Press falls into the ‘steeping’ category, where coffee flavour is extracted by having a prolonged contact with hot water, before moving the coffee grinds out of the way by using the plunger. The Aeropress falls into the ‘pressure/vacuum’ category of coffee extraction. The process is quick (around 20 seconds in fact), and happens under a high pressure, exerted by the trapped air in the chamber between the filter and the rubber ‘plug’. The design of this coffee brewer is ingenious and actually quite simple. You can now quite easily extract a shot of coffee similar to Espresso, wherever you are.

These contraptions are fantastic travelling buddies, and all that’s needed is freshly ground coffee and hot water. The Aeropress produces a very clean cup of coffee and is super easy to use; the whole process takes about 30-40 seconds.

We sell these quirky gadgets, so contact us ( to order one, and embark on the adventure of Aeropress brewing!

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