How We Do It


We believe we are set apart by quality. We pursue perfection in everything that we do, from keeping our roastery spotless to roasting micro-batches with crazy (discerning) eyes. We like to think we celebrate the farmer’s hard work every time we present a coffee to someone – this inspires us to deliver our best.



Sadly, the coffee industry has been plagued by raw deals for farmers, but initiatives like Fair Trade and the Cup of Excellence Competition are making great inroads to ensure industry fairness and excellence. We commit to these ideals by partnering with scrupulous brokers, with the hope of eventually sourcing directly from farmers and co-ops.



Instant anything is just no good. And yet the instant mindset has abounded in industry these past 50 odd years, taking its toll on individual health and the environment. Finally people are feeling the burn, and sustainability is fast becoming a basic requirement for business practice. We commit to these ideals through the learning and application of new discoveries and practices in sustainability, as well as partnering with suppliers that exude the same commitment.



We take coffee rather seriously. If you offer us instant, we’d rather have tea thanks. This passion is deep and consuming, inspiring the most earnest experimentation and research, to educate ourselves and our customers on the latest discoveries in coffee adventure. (Okay the experimentation is not always earnest. Sometimes it involves ice-cream. Sometimes it’s just plain nuts.)