What We Do


Coffee is not like wine. Obvious statements aside, indulge us by noting this specific point: A winemaker is usually involved in the growing of the grapes; while coffee roasters buy already processed, yet green coffee cherries from farmers, co-ops or brokers, and only then venture into the art of the roast. Sourcing is therefore a critical stage of our coffee roasting process, in that it relies on strong relationships with like-minded people to achieve our goals of Quality and Equality – what we like to call Win-Win.



Our weapon of choice is a Diedrich IR-7 coffee roaster – IR for Infra-Red, 7 signifying capacity in kilograms, Diedrich the American company that has been building these beautiful machines since the sixties.


Powered by gas, it has a stainless steel drum into which the green coffee is introduced, rotating until the optimum roast level is reached, upon which the roasted coffee is expelled into a cooling bin. Each coffee we offer has a very specific roast profile, decided upon after some experimentation (the really fun part).

Café & Roastery

Our HQ is based on the idyllic Rosenview Farm, the childhood home of co-founder Daniel. The roastery itself is a renovated century-old wine cellar, located among some serious natural beauty, with adventure on the doorstep and a history of exquisite wine-making in the soil. Clearly, we are not short on inspiration. It’s a great spot to enjoy a coffee (though it could be argued there is no bad spot). Our hope is that the roastery, and any fine establishment that serves our brew, is primarily a place for people – to meet, share stories, philosophise and celebrate together.

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