Who We Are

A Team Of Three. Like the Amigos… Only Funnier!


Legado is what happened when three men dreamt a big dream about good business and good coffee, and what could make good even better.

The dreaming, the thinking and the trading of ideas matured over ten years, until 2010 when the right time met with the right place and the right people, to launch the dream into reality. While all share an obvious love for coffee, each brings a unique flavour to the table…


Regardt-van-TonderRegardt has a background in marketing, sales and logistics. He’s passionate about these subjects, evident in his expedition to determine the market feasibility of Legado – he armed himself with a clicker and a good seat outside a local coffee shop to count foot traffic.


Andrew-BoltmanAndrew is the financial guy – the bean counter (couldn’t resist the bad pun). He loves people and storytelling, so much so that for years he has been arriving at people’s houses with his own grinder and beans, determined to save them from bad coffee, and to offer a friendly explanation of bad vs. good.


Daniel-BruwerDaniel, the one from the farm, is a business strategist. In layman’s terms, this means he’s passionate about growing successful and streamlined businesses. He is also a hands-on, boer-maak-‘n-plan kind of guy, responsible for most of the plumbing and electric work at the roastery.

All three are determined to leave a solid legacy for future generations. This doesn’t mean feeding strong coffee to their kids from an early age (necessarily), but rather building a business that endures and inspires in terms of quality, conduct and large-scale dreaming.