Coffee Origins

Super Coffee


Would you believe me if I told you there were over 40 varieties of the coffee plant (some say up to 100)? Arabica is by far the king-pin, making up about 75% of the world’s production. Coffea belongs to the Rubiaceae family of plants, also including West Indian Jasmine and Quinine (think Malaria Medicine). For…

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The Mysterious Decaf


Questions we receive VERY often are: ‘How do they make Decaf coffee? Do you do it yourself? Is it bad for my health? Do they use harmful chemicals in the process?’

I am hoping this short article will help answer some of these questions.

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The Mexicans and their Friends


We are quite the adventurous bunch and it didn’t take long till we decided that we must start embarking on importing our own coffee, rather than relying solely on local brokers. So in 2011 we started doing research into the different channels that coffee travels along to get from crop to cup. In our search…

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