Journeyman Blend

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Our Journeyman Blend is a new addition to our line-up. While single-origin coffees are justifiably lauded for their distinct and traceable flavours, we wanted to offer a coffee that provides customers both the quality that they have come to know, but also good value.

We have decided to create this product at the entry level of the Specialty Coffee category, so this coffee will generally score around 80/81 (

This will be a seasonal blend, and for this season we have chosen 2 central African coffees. Rwanda Inzovu from Rwanda Trading Company provides some great acidity and fruitiness, where the Uganda Mt Elgon from the Great Lakes Coffee Company gives excellent boldness and chocolate notes.

We chose the name Journeyman, as journeymen were know as tradesmen newly qualified and gaining experience in their field. We see this blend as a ‘training ground’ for coffees that are entering the specialty category, to find a trade route and grow in potential. Rwanda & Uganda are two very exciting origins, growing massively in pushing out coffee exuding both quality and equality.

  • Brewing Method Suggestions: Aeropress, Stovetop & Espresso
  • Current Blend: Brazil 70% / Uganda 30%