Behmor 2020SR Roaster

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  • Multi-speed motor for better roast control (16 or 32 RPM)
  • On board MCU (Micro Controller) with rapid data refresh
  • Universal Power and Control Boards (allowing for future upgrades)
  • Reprogrammable Firmware Feature (upgrades via wired connection)
  • 5 pre-programmed roast settings
  • Manual roasting override for key settings
  • On Board Audible Beep Advisory (unattended safety cutoff and :15 remaining warning)
  • Cooling cycle for quick end to roast
  • Thermostatically Controlled Quartz Roasting Elements
  • Interior light for visual monitoring during roasting
  • Removable roasting drum with internal braces for full bean turbulence
  • Removable chaff tray for easy cleaning (doubles as a cleaning tray)
  • Automatic System Diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • Easy to clean interior