Fellow Journeyman: Karl Rohloff


If you could leave a message in a bottle (a very small message in a very small bottle), how would you introduce yourself?

I’m a pencil-pushing desk jockey by day and muso (bassist for The Plastics) by night; a product of the hippy generation (my grandfathers fought on opposite sides in WWII). I should have been young in the 60’s and I think my taste in music and style reflects this.

What is your coffee-making ritual?

I love using my Aeropress to make my morning coffee. It’s an inexpensive way of making it, it’s fast and you get a better cup than using a plunger or filter machine. I also use a milk frothing jug so I end up with a nice hand-made cappuccino.

If you could only drink one coffee origin for the rest of your life, what would it be and what do you enjoy about it?

Chicory. Only kidding! It’s a bit too early in my coffee education to make that call. I find I’m quite easily impressed with anything that’s fresh and comes from a place with an exotic name! I’ve probably tried all of Legado’s coffees and I think my favourite changes from cup to cup! The last one I had was a coffee from Costa Rica so I’ll go with the South American coffees for the moment!

Tasty treat with your coffee or pure, straight-up and solo?

Straight up, 100%. I love a good cup of coffee and prefer to enjoy the flavour of the coffee without mixing any food flavours into my tastebuds, especially not sweet things as I take my coffee without sugar and this compromises my coffee’s taste for me.

At Legado we are inspired by the pioneers and explorers of old, breaking open new frontiers and changing landscapes. If you were one day pondered upon as such a character in history, what would you like to be remembered for?

I’d like to be known as someone who was always kind to people. That’s a trait I value above all others. From my position as a musician, I’d hope that people thought of me as an entertainer that brought joy to people and wrote/contributed to memorable songs.