AeroPress Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Coffee Maker Features

  • Incredibly easy to use

  • Very easy to clean

  • Highly versatile - can make short espresso-style shots and long filter-style brews

  • Produces a very clean cup of coffee with no grit thanks to a small paper filter

  • Ideal for making a single cup of coffee straight into the cup

  • Can make up to 4 shots at the same time (which can be diluted to make americanos)

  • Durable & portable - made of almost impossible to break plastic

  • Entirely manually operated - ideal for camping or travelling as no power required

  • BPA Free

  • Made of Polypropylene

Included in the AeroPress box

  • An AeroPress coffee maker (plunger with seal, chamber and filter cap)

  • A scoop that can be used to measure out the coffee if you don't have a scale

  • 350 microfilters (which can be re-used up to 20 times each)

  • A perfectly sized stirrer