Costa Rica Rigoberto Salazar

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Varietal- Caturra, Catuai.
Processing- Natural.
Altitude- 1700 m
Owner- Rigoberto Salazar.
Region- Zacero, West Valley.
Harvest period- December to January.

Cultivated in the valley and slopes of the Central Mountain Range in volcanic soils exceptional for fine coffee production. West Valley coffees are said to be defined by its very good acidity, body and aroma and an identity of origin.

Rigoberto is from Zacero, a high elevated producing area recognized for outstanding quality. The high location, different soils attribute to make it a unique coffee.
His family is dedicated to coffee for over 50 years and nowadays one of the specialist for honey processed coffees in that region.

Coffee tastes great with following brewing methods: espresso, aeropress, pour over, chemex, filter, plunger.

Flavour notes:

juicy, raisins, milk chocolate