Hario Mini Slim Hand Grinder

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Important preparations before brewing coffee.

This new Hario Ceramic Slim Plus is the upgrade form the Ceramic Slim. Although very similar to the original, it features some upgrades: like a more attractive smoke-grey look and a reinforced hexagonal handle attachment which is less likely to strip with age.

An important part of brewing a great cup of coffee is using freshly ground beans. 
All our manual coffee grinders use burrs made of ceramic.
The ceramic burrs do not transfer heat and shave the coffee bean versus cracking the bean like blade grinders.
This process provides a more consistent grind that can easily be adjusted and set for repeat use.

Colour: Black 
Size: W150mm × D72mm × H220mm
Capacity: 24g / 2 cups
Ceramic conical grinding burr
Durable plastic body